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Orofacial pain


What is the Orofacial Pain and Cranio-mandibular (DCM) Dysfunction?

Within the Orofacial Pain all processes enrolled with pain in the oral and facial structures are included. Besides the usual dental procedures, one of the main causes of Orofacial Pain is the DisfuncionCraneomandibular.
The term “Temporomandibular Dysfunction” combines a number of different clinical disorders including pain appear (predominantly in the masticatory muscles and / or TMJ), limited mobility in mandibular movement, muscle involvement at the level of the face, head , neck and shoulder and joint sounds in the opening or closing of the boca.Tambiénsuelen appear related headaches, dizziness, vertigo and tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ears)

If any of these symptoms is likely to suffer Cranio-Mandibular Dysfunction (DCM), one of the most common reasons patients consult with Orofacial Pain. All pain or symptoms you have is important, a specialist physiotherapist can help alleviate their ailments.
Currently it is considered that the cause of the disorder is multifactorial, defining predisposing factors, trigger or perpetuate craniomandibular dysfunction, as may be being female, age (being higher prevalence between the second and fourth decades of life), the psychosocial disorders such as anxiety and depression, stress, and parafunctional habits that cause mandibular functional overload (eg nail biting, tooth clenching, etc.)

All facial structures, including the temporomandibular joint, are involved in key activities of human life, from the most basic, such as chewing and swallowing, to the socially necessary as facial expression or speech, being configured so as an essential part in the lives of human beings and can cause severe disabilities and drastic reductions in the quality of life of people suffering from this dysfunction.

What we do in IOC Dental Clinic to treat orofacial pain and DisfuncionCraneomandibular?

  • We have a specialist in the treatment of orofacial pain, temporomandibular dysfunction and cranio-cervical-mandibular disorders area.
    Our specialists in pain treatment perform a thorough assessment for all patients treated in our center with the help of the most advanced and accurate technology.
    To carry out an effective treatment we must first identify the factors that influence the DCM to eliminate or reduce the most part, resulting in a detailed medical history and a thorough examination and diagnosis. Dental Clinic in IOC perform treatments from two specialized areas, Physiotherapy and Dentistry, adding all the resources to provide solutions to our patients suffering from pain and craniomandibular dysfunction.Since physiotherapy, using manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, head neurodynamic, osteopathy and dry needling we manage to control the symptoms, pain, limitation of movement and joint locks.
    For its part, it provides dental splints discharge for patients in whom there is a habit of clenching or grinding teeth (bruxism) and perpetuating factor of pain and dysfunction. There are also different therapeutic combinations of drugs to control pain, inflammation and excessive muscle tone associated with the processes of Pain Dysfunction Orofacialy Craniomandibular.

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