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sedación en consulta
Operacion IOC Zygoma

Conscious sedation:


The anesthetic normally used in dentistry only affects a delimited the work area specialist, temporarily eliminating the sensory perception area. We do not feel pain but fully retain consciousness unchanged.

Many patients tell us that they fear the dentist when we visit (which in some cases is closer to the panic), and that fear can stop visiting the dentist, despising the care of your mouth.

So you no longer have excuses like this, IOC Clinics have developed the service of anesthesia and sedation,with the authorization of the Ministry of Health to perform intravenous sedation in consultation. To do this, we collaborate with specialists in anesthesiology and resuscitation of extensive experience and recognized prestige who will resolve any questions that may arise and will guide you with our team during the treatment process.

Intravenous sedation act by modulating our state of consciousness in a controlled manner, reducing our level of nervousness, anxiety and stress, getting through the process quickly. With sedation, patients who suffer from some degree “fear of needles” (phobia of needles and sharp objects) may undergo any operation without triggering rejection them without the experience will be traumatic.

Hospital general anesthesia:

In more complex cases, where it is not recommended that the patient is conscious, whether such a patient with uncontrollable phobia or even neurological or psychiatric damages, have the option of general anesthesia in hospitals so that our team moves the chosen hospital and in the operating room under general anesthesia, where the procedures are performed. In these cases the whole process goes like a dream, the patient falls asleep … and woke, everything is finished!

Another indication of general anesthesia in hospitals is the IOCzygoma solution that involves placing implants in the zygomatic bone, indicated in patients with low bone. Given its characteristics, this intervention should be performed only in hospitals.

The anesthesia and sedation service is perfect for: Pacientes con miedo o fobia incontrolable, donde no es posible una actuación habitual.

  •  Patients with psychomotor disorders or genetic disorders, with or without mental retardation, or musculoskeletal disorders, which is not possible with conventional treatment conscious patient (autism, Down syndrome …).
  • Patients with any type of brain damage that affects behavior.
    Allergy to local anesthetics patients.
  • Patients with heart disease requiring special attention (uncontrolled hypertension or anticoagulant therapy, for example).
  • Patients who are to undergo surgery long with several implants, which can generate a high level of anxiety.
  •  Patients who choose to implant surgery IOCzygoma.