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IOCzygoma refers to treatment by zygomatic implants, a solution for patients with little jawbone.

In IOC Dental Clinic are experts in rehabilitation with fixed upper teeth zygomatic implant anchored in the bone of the cheekbone. This is to avoid the need for sinus lift techniques with bone grafts and we can offer the patient “fixed teeth within 24 hours without grafts” in most cases.

The introduction of the zygomatic implants allow us to offer a revolutionary treatment providing patients with a safer, more comfortable and aesthetic solution and restoring quality of life in just 24 hours. The patient is rehabilitated with a fixed prosthesis attached to the implants that will allow you to eat and regain their dental aesthetics from day one.

IOCzygoma advantages are:

  • More comfort for the patient – in a single session without bone grafts.
  • Faster treatment -in just 24 hours the patient can recover his health, functionality and cosmetic dentistry.
  • Lighter for the patient – less invasive than conventional alternative techniques.

“All in one day”

In the event of having to tooth extractions, both these withdrawals as placing implants (and sometimes teeth fixed) made, they will be made in the same session. antibiotic and anti-inflammatory treatment will be recommended for a week and soft diet during the first 3 months.

* NOTE: The zygomatic implants are performed in hospitals.

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