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Operating microscope


Operating microscope

  • The Operative (MO) microscope is an indispensable tool to carry out a diagnosis and treatment of high precision  

  • The MO is a series of lenses assembled and equipped with coaxial light source that allows us to observe and work in a field operative at higher magnification without shadows.  

  • The advantages that the MO gives us are: o Increased accuracy in handling the instruments in the day. or Diagnostic Tool high value place we will avoid bringing unnecessary and wrong treatments involving waste of time and money for the patient without getting the expected result, as in the case of dental fissures whose indication is the removal of the affected tooth as quickly as possible to prevent loss of bone structure that hinders its replacement by an implant. or More comfort for the patient less traumatic operations performed and therefore a postoperative faster and easier.

  • Monitoring or documentary video or photo of each case because there are a number of attachments that can be attached to the MO and allow us to offer the patient a live view of treatment. In daily practice, we can use it for any of our specialties including the Restorative Dentistry, Microscopic Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Periodontal and Implant Surgery, Dental Aesthetics, Prosthetics, … are included in the first case the MO allows us to make fillings preparations very eliminating exclusively conservative cavities and perform restorations mimetizarlas getting great anatomical detail. From the point of view of Endodontics it gives us an abysmal leap that allows the operator to serve the patient put their full potential and knowledge to get a unique and predictable treatment regardless of the complexity of the case that may arise. In the field of Oral Surgery, Periodontal and Implant use MO transports us to another level putting our fingertips microsurgical techniques that allow more delicate handling of the soft tissues and reduce the size of the operating field in addition to introducing instrumental specific to these procedures as microbisturí, microsutures … Dental Aesthetics and preparations preprotéticas crowns or porcelain veneers, the magnification will allow us to adjust the margins to unattainable limits to the human eye as well as help to detect and correct any errors carving thereby avoiding that has to do several takes of views with the consequent loss of time for the patient.