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Transparent smiles without altering their lifestyle. Clear IOC is the most advanced in the industry unseen dental check.

The treatment consists of a series of removable and invisible custom fabricated for patients in a very tough transparent material aligners. Invisible aligners correct the position of the teeth to the desired point in a controlled, gradual and safe manner. The treatment was developed with 3D systems from diagnosis to making each patient splints used at all times increasing accuracy, reducing costs for the patient and minimizing errors or corrections.

IOC Clear is comfort

Easily removable for your daily activities such as eating, drinking or sleeping. The absence of brackets prevents discomfort in the gums.

IOC Clear is aesthetics

Transparency returns your most beautiful smile from day unnoticed for the rest.

IOC Clear is effectively and accurately

The benefits are perceived from the outset can know the final result by digital computer simulation.

IOC Clear is hygiene

As a removable splint, allows the patient to maintain good oral power clean teeth, gums and tongue hygiene standard techniques.

IOC Clear is cheaper

Being fully digital can manufacture all ferrules in the initial phase and act if necessary partially so costs are reduced compared to other alternatives.

IOC Clear is a unique invisible orthodontics technique in the sector that allows

  • Reduce treatment costs because it can be applied partially or completely.
  • Lost unapologetic smile because nobody will notice wearing it.
  • Preview the final result of the treatment by performing a 3D model that simulates the evolution of the patient’s mouth.

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