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Ortodoncia de baja fricción

TIP Edge1


What is Orthodontics low friction Damon and Tip-Edge Plus System?

In IOC only we work with technology and more avanzadas.El successful treatment techniques, duration and rapid adaptation by children and adults brackets will depend largely on the technology used by the specialist.

In our treatments we use brackets for optimum results in the shortest possible time, one of the most modern technologies available in this field, Low Friction brackets Damon and Tip-Edge Plus System, manufactured and imported especially for IOC Gran Canaria from the center of Design and Manufacture of High Technology Tip-Edge in the United States.

Low Friction brackets Damon and Tip-Edge Plus System constitute today one of the best tools in the field of Orthodontics Technology, which is a specialist in IOC.

What are the advantages of low friction Damon Orthodontics and Tip-Edge Plus System?

  • The use of these brackets in both children and adults allows us to:
  • Significantly reducing treatment time, as Damon and Tip-Edge Plus System brackets combined with a wire-art high technology allow us to get some light forces and a much lower friction than treatment.
  • Improve and facilitate hygiene, faster adaptation and extraordinary results.
  • Increase patient comfort by avoiding in most cases tooth extractions and the use of assistive devices anchor

Why choose orthodontists IOC team? – The importance of professional

Any orthodontic treatment must be diagnosed, performed, monitored and controlled by an orthodontist with the best qualifications, to achieve the desired results, both aesthetically and functionally.