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CAD-CAM solutions


3D Scanner

IOC Dental Clinic offers its patients the most advanced technology for health care and dental aesthetics with CAD-CAM systems Dental Scanner.

The Dental Scanner is a revolutionary technology that allows manufacturing the dental prosthesis patient by a computer 3D design software and an automated manufacturing system that reproduces the patient’s teeth with the highest level of precision and detail.

It is a versatile and flexible system that allows unit, multiple or full arch of patients teeth making any type of prosthesis (crown and bridge abutments for implant-removable fixed fixed and solutions) in a wide variety of materials ( acrylic, alumina, zirconium, titanium and cobalt-chromium).

This technology will allow patients to live a new dental IOC experience:

  • More aesthetic prosthesis for patients.
  • Prosthetics that adapt perfectly to the mouths of patients improving their performance during activities of daily living (speaking, eating, …).
  • Reducing the waiting time to enjoy the new prosthesis to streamlined manufacturing process.
  • Convenience for patients by requiring fewer tests, adjustments and final adjustments.
  • Increased number of solutions available both in materials and type of prosthesis.

Ultimately, patients are more satisfied because the prosthesis is best suited to his mouth, the number of visits is reduced and the time is reduced in the query.