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TAC 3d



3D Cone Beam Tomography (CT Conebeam) technology allows the IOC medical equipment Dental Clinic perform the most comprehensive diagnostic:

  • Oral Surgery (extraction of wisdom teeth, cysts and tumors detection ….)
    Implantology: Measuring amount of bone height and width and space for implants.
    Periodontology: Detection of bone loss and periodontal pockets in patients with periodontitis and periodontal disease or treatment of such pathology.
    Orthodontics: Diagnosis for treatment planning with removable and fixed appliances. Analysis of the ATM (temporomandibular joint), detection of diseases and degenerative processes.
    Endodontics: Essential in diagnosing dental injuries Traumatology in endodontic retreats and planning and monitoring of cases of apical surgery

3D CT technology provides a number of advantages for our patients:

Faster and less time in consultation. The completion of the TAC barely lasts a minute, having the images available to diagnose the end of exposure.
Avoid travel to other centers such tests to perform.
Greater comfort for the patient because the scan is performed standing as a conventional radiography, avoiding claustrophobic devices.
Increased safety for the patient to the ConoBeam scan performed, as it emits less radiation than a conventional tomography, can select the areas that interest us not radiate more than the required area of ​​the patient.