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IOC Dental Clinic is a clinic specialized in Advanced Implantology and Cosmetic Dentistry that provides our patients with the best dental experience thanks to the most qualified medical team and state of the art technologies.

In our centres you’ll find specialists from each of the different odontological areas that will grant you the best solution for your health and dental aesthetics. Treatments such as same-day IOC implants and fixed teeth, IOC Invisible Orthodontics or Zygoma implants for patients with scarce bone, are advanced treatments that place us at the top of world's most prestigious clinics.

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Our Mission:

To provide our patients with the best dental experience through the most advanced diagnosis treatment and post-intervention techniques, in all dentistry-related areas, thanks to the most qualified team and state of the art technology in an environment of constant innovation.

Our Values:

  • Better Dental Experience: From the moment the patients enter the clinic for the first time until they recommend us to their acquaintances.
  • Advanced medical techniques: Medical state of the art.
  • Qualified human team: continua training and specialization.
  • Continuous Innovation in diagnostic and treatment techniques, technology and workforce. Committed to innovation and the world’s latest technology for our patients.


Our Commitments:

  • Your economy: IOC flat rates, pay in up to 30 months with no interests.
  • Your time: Same day implants and fixed teeth in one day (computer guided surgery).
  • Your dental experience: personalized monitoring the next 24 hours after the intervention.
  • Your dental health: one-year warranty at no cost for all fillings.
  • Your dental beauty: Free initial consultation for orthodontics.
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